The London Councils Christian Network (LCCN) linked together the Christian Workplace Groups in 28 of the 33 London Borough Concils. Latterly, there had been a lull in activity; however Tower Hamlets Borough Council Christian Prayer Group,  lead a rejuvenation of the LCCN.   There are many prayer groups, meeting in several different council buildings. Multiple meetings take place every Monday and Thursday!

The first meeting to discuss the rebirth of LCCN was held on 4th December 2013 in the Mulberry Place offices of Tower Hamlets Borough Council. Transform Work UK were delighted to be able to support this meeting, which was chaired excellently by Mrs. Lilian Ajose.

Loris Richards, leader of the original LCCN group was at the meeting and will play a part in rebuilding the network. The initial vision and aims of LCCN were re-affirmed, a team to take the work forward was agreed, and God was praised for the mighty work He has already done in bringing us to this point, and for the great things that are to follow!

A further meeting was held mid-January 2014, and a 3-phase plan for re-launching LCCN was adopted:

  • Spring 2014: a process of seeking out and contacting leaders in Christian Groups in the other London Councils, drawing them together and gathering support. This will culminate in a prayer/networking/informing evening event around Easter.
  • Summer: planning the structures of the new LCCN and how it will operate, together with representatives from the other Boroughs.
  • Autumn: a major event early Autumn, to celebrate and launch the new LCCN!